There are too many places we can buy oil paintings or contemporary art from, but the thing is where can we get paintings in good quality at resonable price and not get ripped-off with a machine reproduction or a low-quality art, right?

Below is a list of the places people buy paintings from:

Where to buy oil paintings nearby?

1. Local gallery/shop/market

Good thing is that you can check and see the paintings by yourself, but the price usually is high, especially art galleries.

2. From Local artists/painters

You get better price if you buy from local artists as there is no middle people. You direct negotiate the price with artist.

Local Art Gallery

Where to oil paintings Online?

1. ebay/amazon/overstock/waifair/etsy etc.

There are tons of oil painting suppliers selling on this kind of sites. Due to the high competiton, their prices usually are unbeliveable low, but please remember that you get what you paid.


3. Online art galleries

Examples: 1st-art-gallery, Artsheaven, Topofart etc.

These kinds of online art galleries supply good quality paintings, but price is still not good enough.

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4. Oil painting suppliers/wholesale companies/art factories/art wholesale companies/painter

This is the best choice to buy inexpensive oil paintings from, no matter original paintings, oil painting reproductions, modern art or custom art.

Because They are the suppliers of ebay/amazon sellers/art galleries/art companies/shops etc. There is no middle people, you can get the best possible price, you can save up to 90% of the cost. Check Art in Bulk's oil painting prices and oil paintings for sale.

Buy paintings from oil painting wholesaler

In a word, compare the price of same quality level with different suppliers and find the best one to buy paintings from. Make sure they have money back guarantee!