There are two rules for hanging paintings in groups – they should be evenly spaced and symmetrical. If you plan to hang your groupings in a symmetrical manner, it is important to keep in mind the same height between each painting, and it is best to hang vertical and horizontal paintings at the same height. This rule will create a visually appealing composition, while avoiding awkward gaps between pieces. However, if you are working with smaller pieces, you should hang them asymmetrically, or even asymmetrically. This will give the group some energy and interest.

The height of your painting is an important factor in determining the proper placement of your paintings. If you are hanging several paintings or canvas wall art sets, you can place them side by side, or outside of a key piece of furniture. The height of your frame will also affect how high you hang your paintings. The height of your ceiling should be at least eighteen inches, and you should hang your paintings at a height that enables you to see them.

In most cases, hanging paintings at eye level is the safest way to display art. The height of your painting should be between 57 and 60 inches off the floor, depending on the ceiling height and the height of your own body. If you have a high ceiling, you may need to hang the paintings higher than average.