Canvas wall art sets are cool looking oil paintings that come in 2 to over 9 pieces of canvas. Wall art sets are composed of many canvas panels but constructed a single painting. They have become very popular throughout the world. Wall art sets are sold as standard sets in uniform sizes or as an offset canvas art set to add a stunning and beautiful touch to your sapce. The most used subjects in canvas art sets are landscape, modern, beach, abstract, even african wall art.

Below are some reasons why people love canvas art sets:

  1. Paintings are match – All the art panels will look coordinated. If you purchase individual artworks you may buy some paintings that don't match well. Other setbacks with different artworks hung together are clashing colors, different subject that don’t flow, and issues with canvas sizes. Wall art sets will definitely go well together beacuase they are just single paintings divided into multi panels.
  2. They are perfect for large walls, if you purchase canvas art sets, you can cover more space. You don't need to buy many paintings to decorate a huge empty space. If you have to purchase somre artworks to decorate a long office lobby or a living room, it might take you several months to get all things done.
  3. Creative And unique – There are wall sets that are offset. Offset wall art sets are made up of many canvas panels in different sizes or shapes. This adds an alternative and fascinating look to your space. These kinds of paintings works nice with minimalist decor because they break monotony of very simple home designs.
  4. They are cool – wall sets look hip especially in a modern style office home. You can hang these art sets in a dining room, a living room with a high ceiling, or behind a large Kind sized bed. Canvas art are also great decorating solutions for large spaces in an office lobby, hallways, waiting room or in a boardroom.

All paintings from Art in Bulk are hand-painted by professional artists, they are not prints, posters or canvas transfer. 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee!

Note: No MOQ, discounts are available for bulk orders!

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