Many people ask the question “Can I dropship artwork?” There are many ways to do this, including through our FREE art dropship program. We make the process simple by allowing you to download CSV files of our paintings and upload to your own store. We have over 80,000 artworks online, and they are all available for dropshipping. Using ArtInBulk's dropship program, you can easily start your online art business.

Art In Bulk will take orders and ship them directly to the customer. We won't use our logo and company's information, so your art will look like it came directly from you. While this may be a passive solution for you, it can be profitable. There are many benefits to dropshipping artwork.

Online marketplaces can also provide an idea of what to charge. While deciding on a price, remember to factor in the time and cost you've spent promoting the art. Make sure to add your profit margin to that base price. Researching top art stores will provide you more ideas. However, as a beginner, you may want to keep your expenses low. Shipping is expensive, and it's not always practical to offer smaller pieces of art.

If you want to know how our dropshipping works, check out: How does ArtInBulk’s Dropship Program Work?