I’m an illustrator slash fine artist, any kind of mediums is what I enjoy. I also do a lot of caricatures too. If you wanted to go purhcase a painting and you wanted to figure out how to go buy a painting, you would actually either go to galleries of course, you can go to online different artists’ websites will let you buy on their websites, you can also buy oil paintings from China – when you go look at a painting and you want to figure out if you want to buy it or not, obviously it has a lot to do with your personal ideas on how it would look in your house or if you really enjoy it.

So it’s a very personal thing to be able to go buy a painting, it’s something that you just have to really love and enjoy. And a lot of people are doing it for investment purposes too, so when you want to buy oil paintings, just basically search the different – go to galleries, go out in the culture and try to get it from your local artists, I always like to support my other artists.

It’s a pretty exctiting and enjoyable thing to buy art for home or office, however, it could be a headache and time consuming process if you don’t know how and what to look for.

Time is precious and for most of people, are really busy with work and family. It’s not possible to research and visit galleries after galleries. It could take days and maybe weeks to find an ideal artwork for home.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, the best and most convenienct way to purchase art is buy oil paintings online. The internet has been a great and powerful tool to get information, do comparations and even search from thousands of artworks in one computer without going here and there.

wall art docor

Below is some steps on how you can buy oil paintings online:

1. Do the research first:

Educating yourselfe and asking questions like:
What sizes do i need to go with my wall space?
What subjects of paintings go well with your decor?
What colors i like? Does it suit the room and other decorations?

If you are not quite sure about the answers, you can always search online to find tips, or simply contact the art sellers for help.

2. Know your budget

Decide the budget you would like to spend on the paintings. Small- to large-sized original canvas paintings by an emerging artists are readily available from $1,000 / E1,000. As the reputation of the artist grows, so will the cost of the painting.
If you are looking for oil painting reproductions or a custom oil painting, the cost would be range from $7 to $1000 depends on the size and quality you need as well as the site you buy from.

how can i buy oil paintings online

2. Choose the best sites to buy paintings online

There are tons of online websites you can choose from. By searching in google, you will get list of plenty of online art galleries, companies selling paintings.

Beside of that, you can also buy from Amazon, Etsy, Ebay …

After you source a reliable website, the next thing you do is choose the artworks that goes well with your home or office. Make sure you take everything into consideration, such as colors, sizes, wall decor themes, art styles and even framing options.

3. Payment terms

Most of the e-commerce sites intergrated different payment gatways to make the checkout process easy and simple. Just follow the instructions on the website.

For some online art websites don’t have shopping cart intergrated, simply contact them by phone call or email, and ask for their payment information.

4. Shipping

After you made the payment. You will get order onfirmation email from seller. They will take care of the rest and ship the artwork to the address you provided.

If you order custom oil paintings online, make sure ask them to send a photo of finished painting for approval before shipping.