The word ‘insect’ undoubtedly brings fear to our mind expect only for butterfly. Butterflies are the most beautiful and vibrant creature, they possess some of the striking color displays found in nature. They float from flowers to flowers emphasizing the beauty of the environment and complimenting the flowers. Such magnificent creatures bring life back to even a forgotten garden, reminding us, the people strangled in busy schedule, that the genuine happiness and raw joy of life always lies in the simplest pleasures of life.

Butterflies emit color and colors radiate positivity, which we all need in our life. A girl is primarily described as beautiful, and colors emphasize her beauty. Butterfly paintings would be a perfect choice for a girl’s room to encourage her with happiness and joy.

butterfly for girl's room

Here are few reasons to choose paintings of butterflies for a girl’s room :


The vibrant colors of the wings would instantly change the equation of a boring wall and would lift up the general mood of the room. A girl goes through several phases of life, just as like the various color this magnificent creature contains. Paintings not only work on the beautification of the room, but also of the mind. It encourages a depressed mind with tremendous amount of energy to get up, to make it work. The feminine touch on walls would represent a girl’s true identity making the room a ‘home’, where one would love to come back.


The metamorphosis of the butterflies is a long process where they transform from caterpillar to butterfly. The process begins from the egg which hatches into the larva or caterpillar covered in the shell of cocoon which finally breaks into creating this magnificent four winged insect. Similarly, a girl, the female goes through the process of creating life, the birth of human offspring. It is where a girl has to go through a series of process with results in the ultimate joy of life, the motherhood. The power of creation is bestowed on the female origin. Metaphorically girls do associate with the journey of butterflies unknowingly.


A butterfly encourages us to dream big. Girls might get scared to have bigger dreams but butterflies being the tiniest creature with such superfluous magnificence teaches a girl to hope. To hope for best things in life, to dream big even if  it sounds ridiculous or unreal at present moment, if  one keep faith it would come true.


Butterflies floats from flowers to flowers elevating the beauty of nature. And paintings are a perfect mode of bringing that taste of outside nature into your room. At times a girl might feel suffocated, but the painting would be there to remind her the taste and excitement of freedom. Freedom of breaking the shackles of mind. Butterflies on the canvas would deliver a sense of hope and strength to conquer the outside world.


Blue Morpho Butterfly by Martin Johnson Heade

Evocation of butterflies by Odilon Redon

Poppies and Butterflies by Vincent Van Gogh