The Chronicles of Gautam Buddha is hailed as one of the most influential sources that have brought about positive changes over mankind for centuries. Thereby, when used as a subject for painting, its relevance expands to become threefold; firstly, the moment you take a glance of it, you become keen to know about the history and works that Lord Buddha committed himself to during his lifetime, secondly, his figure of grace and poise symbolizes him as the light-bearer of purity and lastly, to create buddha paintings on canvas to display of highest artistic mastery.

In the following section, we will be pondering upon reasons apart from the general improvement of the overall appeal, that should justify our claim of procuring a piece amongst beautiful buddha paintings for sale online.

  • Has a holy impact

When the bare mention pf Buddha strikes a chord in your heart, imagine the impact that his head painting would have hung around the walls of your apartment, especially in living room. A common belief that holds true in every case is that when you own an item that captures the simplicity and holy aesthetic values of human life, the effect it has on the viewers is unbound. The deeds and ordeals that Lord Buddha came across during our lifetime is nothing less than God's own reflection walking through the worldly affairs as a messiah and relieving the human mind of the complexities that restrict them from achieving their dreams. Therefore, when one gets reminded about the life of Buddha through a painting, he is automatically encouraged to take the path of honesty and persevere in every aspect of his life.

  • Brings prosperity for the home

According to the laws of Feng-Shui, having a Buddha face painting in your home comes with a lot of significance. The enlightenment of Lord Buddha is believed to bring forth a balance amongst joy, peace, harmony, security, and prosperity in the family. Moreover, Buddha paintings stand for calmness and bliss which further reinforces the fact that innocence and happiness go hand in hand to attain fulfillment in life. Additionally, since the ancient days, it has been prophesied that a Buddha painting will restore a positive ambiance at your home and workplace by warding off the negative energy and creating a safeguard against the evil eye.

  • Early learning for the child of the family

The real learning of a child takes place since the earliest of his age because this is the time when the cognitive development and sensory motors find the best scope for nourishment. Children learn what they see and their interest should be fuelled by providing them with relevant information about the object in their sight. Similarly, having an abstract or modern painting of Lord Buddha around your apartment will trigger the keenness of the child and from the early ages of life, he will grow a knack for performing all his tasks with sheer honesty and choosing the path of truth over everything else. Furthermore, exploring the life of Buddha will enrich his knowledge in both National and International history which otherwise is difficult for a child to grow interested in.


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