We’re going to talke a little bit about canvas, and oil painting on canvas. One of the things that you’ll run into when you get oil painting on canvas is the piece that you receive will not be a finished piece, unlike paper that you pretty much can put in a little envelope and sell. A canvas piece typically is going to have to be stretched, and that’s another step that’s involved, and we’re going to talk about that a little later. But, what it involves, what it basically means, is you take a piece of canvas like this, and through a process that requires a little bit of work, you end up with a product like this, where it’s, basically what’s been happened is the canvas is wrapped around some pieces of wood, stretcher bars, and secured in the back. And, it basically is ready to hang at that point, or be framed. So, that’s what stretching means, and it’s a little involved, it’s not a difficult process, and it’s definitely something you can do yourself, or you can pay someone to do for you.


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So, that’s what stretching canvas means. .