How to Buy Oil Paintings

I’m with Art in Bulk, All Around Art-tainment. I’m an illustrator slash fine artist, any kind of mediums is what I enjoy. I also do a lot of caricatures too. When it comes to – when it comes to wanting to buy – like for example I painted this painting over here. If you wanted to go buy this painting over here, if you wanted to go buy this painting and you wanted to figure out how to go buy a painting, you would actually either go to galleries of course, you can go to online different artists’ websites will let you buy on the websites, you can also buy oil paintings from China – when you go look at a painting and you want to figure out if you want to buy it or not, obviously it has a lot to do with your personal ideas on how it would look in your house or if you really enjoy it.

So it’s a very personal thing to be able to go buy a painting, it’s something that you just have to really love and enjoy. And a lot of people are doing it for investment purposes too, so when you want to buy oil paintings or buy paintings, just basically search the different – go to galleries, go out in the culture and try to get it from your local artists, I always like to support my other artists. So enjoy, I hope that gives you a little bit more understanding how to buy paintings.